I’ve had a working band called Explorations! for about 7-8 years now. It originally started as a way for me to explore my music and learn how to help deliver other musician’s music. Sometimes I would feature different band member’s music, other times I would feature music I was listening to and being inspired by… The band never stayed the same, so the music never stayed the same, and I’ve always enjoyed that.  It was a way for me to reach out to other members of our musical community and explore different compositions, thought processes, and expectations. Those experiences have been invaluable to my growth as a drummer, musician, and supporter of others. It also taught me a lot about bandleaders who can really lead from their instruments AND from their compositions. It’s been an honor to play and learn from wonderful composers like Josh Nelson, Billy Childs, Dayna Stephens, Anthony Wilson, John Daversa and Dan Rosenboom. They all write very different music that remains honest to their individual character, and naturally flows from the rich history of music!  

"The making of 'Shine Thru' has been a journey in realizing my own musical vision and having the confidence to truly lead from the drumset. The album is my reminder that it's okay to step in to the light and lead by example."

Gathering those skills is an endless, monumental task that never ends… Because of that, I always promised myself I wouldn’t make an album of my own until I felt I had something with my own musical vision. The past two years were the first time I felt like I had something of my own to say; something I musically needed to wrap my head around and share with others no matter what. Enter Jeff Babko - This truly incredible human-being has given me the biggest musical push and inspiration I could ever ask for! I asked him to join Explorations! for numerous shows, and he always inspired the band in new ways, and committed to the songs free of ego. Without hesitation, I asked him if he would be interested in helping me produce my first record and he was instantly on board! His enthusiasm and confidence in my music was the final push I needed to really put this project in motion. Over the next year, I was lucky to assemble the same band for performances to workshop my new music including, Anthony Wilson on guitar, Alex Boneham on bass, David Binney on alto saxophone, and both Jeff and Josh Nelson on piano/keyboards. That vision is finally coming to fruition with my first full length album, Shine Thru!


With the help of Jeff producing and engineer Chris Steffen, Shine Thru, is taking shape. Please keep your eyes and ears open for its release later in 2020!